Canal photos of England's waterways heritage

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Philip and Meg Carr from Penzance decorate their boat for the jubilee celebrations….

Four days of great enjoyment spent along the canals in glorious weather….

A little warmer and very sunny weather brought the canal scene and boaters to life……

What a picturesque and historic place this is – and meeting Kevin O’Donnel enhances my visit …..

The LOve Family Holiday Wharf (1 of 3)

After taking on water Chris goes for it…..

A case of mistaken identity…..

I met two couples on the Junction canal in glorious sunny weather…

It was another sunny, nay Summer, day in March with temparatures raching 20C as I ambled along the Staffs and Worcester.

Brindley Place

Walking along the towpath (shown left) opposite the National Indoor Arena (NIA) yesterday, I spotted a large bird in the near distance perched on the edge – a heron. A rare sight mingling with people and built up areas…..

I ran into the pair today at bridge 68 in Stratford-on-Avon. They had been forced into taking an inside line around the acute bend leading North to the bridge by an oncoming boat and got stuck. It took some fixing, but onlookers helped.