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photos and images of canal scenes, narrowboats, boaters, other users and events plus a blog.

Hi! I’m Geoff Caine,

This is a non-commercial website, there’s nothing for sale and no spam.

I created it in June 2006 to help boaters to plan their cruising routes.

I maintain it as a hobby to share with others.

I’m a canal enthusiast. I live in central Birmingham overlooking the BCN. So, I have a lot of contact with boaters and other enthusiasts.

When the sun shines I get out and about on the towpaths with my cameras – nothing betters the relaxed atmosphere there and meeting friendly people.

I believe that canals are to do with people as well as mature, historic scenery. So, in my photos, I always try to include landscapes, boats and people and I look for an implied story within the scene.

Waterways World magazine, to whom I have supplied many photos in the past at no cost, recently asked me to provide photos and explanatory text for an article entitled “Pretty as a picture” which was published, along with submissions from two other photographers, in their November 2015 issue. The text explains what techniques of composition, lighting, etc, we use to create our photos.

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This is me Geoff CaineI hope to meet you on the cut some time – I’m recognizable also by carrying a large camera or two.  I’d love to hear tales of your cruising. If you like you and/or your boat could feature in the Met on the Cut articles – it’s just a bit of fun and great to tell your friends to view.

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