The Social Stuff:

News and Visits News, observations, explanations, events, visits, etc.

Met on the Cut Accounts of meetings with people and things of note on my towpath walks.

Met on the Cut – Ad Hoc Short accounts of boats and people met on the canals that can be published quickly after the event.

Restored Boats Tales by owners of older and vintage boats giving history and restoration.

Dates for your Diary Up-coming events on the waterways.

Waterways Trust News Explanations and interpretations of the new Canal & River Trust.

The Scenic Stuff:

SELECTED PHOTOS Favoured photos at this time.

CITY & TOWN PHOTOS A link to my website which gives a guide and photos of cities and towns I have visited

CANAL PHOTOS View scenes – choose a stretch of canal and see what it’s like.

The Boring Stuff:

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