The Rushall canal is  a joy to encounter!

Classed as part of the BCN, its dead straight navigation links the Daw End Branch, a meandering, lock-free branch of the Wyrley and Essington Canal to the north with the Tame Valley canal to the south.

Although the canal is dead straight along its 2.75 mile the quality of the greenery-encrusted towpaths passing through largely built up areas is a joy to linger in. The handful of characterful buildings contrast the greenery and in doing so let one appreciate how man can coexist with nature.

So, a little off the beaten canal tracks, the Rushall can be a rewarding variation on the broad boat Grand Union and the narrow boat Stratford canals. Many stretches of the BCN are under-cruised for no good reason apart from a historically built reputation for passing through derelict industrial areas, which are gradually disappearing year by year.

The photos I took illustrate the dearth of boats and people….what a shame! They are of the Rushall 9 Locks but the rest of the canal is similar in appearance.

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