OD4A4319Terry (centre) explains the lock using his model, while Richard (left) and Earle look on.

Richard Parry who was appointed CEO of the Canal & River Trust a year ago is known as someone who gets around the network instead of managing from his office all week. In fact, in an interview with Keith Goss published in the July edition of Waterways World magazine, when asked what was his typical day he is reported as saying:

“Getting out, showing leadership and being visible…Communication is the key to the job, and I get to as many events as I can and talk to people.”

Well, he certainly got out recently when he visited Diagonal Lock inventor Terry Fogarty at Terry’s small business premises in Birmingham.

Richard showed keen interest as Terry explained how the Diagonal Lock could operate, where was an ideal place for the first site, and what benefits there were in operational efficiency over a traditional multi-lock system and as a national tourist attraction.


Terry is known as someone who does not spare words to explain his invention but Richard stayed with him for around 90 minutes until Terry finished, and seemed to enjoy the experience.

Also present was Earle Wightman, Managing Director of canal business, Sherborne Wharf, and an enthusiastic member of the Diagonal Lock Advisory Group.

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Article and photos by Geoff Caine