Canal photos of England's waterways heritage

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The weather forecast was good so I booked a hotel, packed, jumped in the car and sped off to the canals without any hesitation…


I take advantage of good weather – at last! – and head for this popular canal site.


Tuesday the 7th was the second of two pretty hot days when the clouds lifted at last in April. I wandered along the Birmingham & Fazeley canal to Cambrian Wharf by the Farmers Bridge Locks in central Birmingham, hoping that the CRT Canal Shop would be open – alas no (is it ever nowadays!) Looking […]

Surprise view spotted from the bridge

Celebrities and international visitors encountered…

Venturing out in the cold to a snowy canal…


People moored where I visit are sitting targets for me especially when the sun shines….

A sunny evening for my home canal the BCN the scene of some drama….

Floating weed

A photo record of who I met and what I saw on the Shropshire Union Canal….

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, ….. it was the season of Light……! “(Apologies to Charles Dickens – A tale of Two Cities for this misquote). With the sun shining from blue skies at 7:30 am I […]

The Summer came at last so I headed for the canals….