I’d booked 3 nights in Travelodges on 15 February to photograph local canals. I couldn’t have chosen a better time as the weather was hot with clear blue skies which brought the canals, locks bridges and boats alive with colour.

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On the first day I drove from Birmingham up to Northwich and started photo shots at the Anderton Boatlift. What a magnificent structure this is, and well looked after by the enthusiastic BW staff I talked to. The T & M leading to the boat lift is poles apart in beauty and atmosphere to the lift’s lower exit onto the River Weaver which is lined by extremely large chemical works!

Here I met the people below:

I then set off southward planning to photograph the T & M down to Kidsgrove. In Middlewich I met:

I stayed in Northwich that night and next day drove the rest of the way down to Kidsgrove and the junction of the T & M with the Maccesfield. I stopped at Booth Lane Locks, Wheelock Locks, Malkin’s Bank and finally the Red Bulll Locks just north of the junction with the Macclesfield. Along the way I met:


See more photos of the group from Darton, Barnsley.

That night I stayed at Macclesfield town. A nice enough town but devoid of people in the evening except for a small bar area.

Next day I drove up to Marple Locks where the Macclesfield terminates and gives water to the Peak Forest Canal. What a super canal area Marple is! Although buried in the town, in common with many other previous industrial towns (the reasons for the canals), the wayside has matured with trees and other greenery into a wonderland! I walked north as far as the entrance to the Hyde Bank Tunnel. Along the way I met:

I then went southeast down the PFC to Buxworth Basin and Whaley Bridge, neither of which I found photographically appealing apart from their general setting – maybe “bugsworth” is better visited in a boat?

Next day I started on the Macclesfield visiting the canal around Poynton and Lane End just north of Macclesfield town then Bosley Locks just north of Congeleton, before my time ran out. Bosley Locks are absolutely superb in their unspoilt peaceful countryside environment. Along the way I met:

Soon I’ll be documenting my travels with scenes along the way under Photos by Canal.