This is, without doubt, one of the real gems of the network now that the Droitwich Canals have been opened, joined and connected to the Severn and Worcester Birmingham Canal. The official opening of the Droitwich canals was 1 July 2011, after gradual restoration started in 1965 and has cost, officially, around £10.5million. This does not take into account the countless hours given free by the Droitwich Canal Trust and volunteers who have laboured for years to try and restore the canal before nature overtakes them. We should all be very grateful for their efforts and not forget their selfless devotion and generosity. Current and future generations can now benefit from their labours.

Four waterways make up the 21 miles of the ring all of which is now navigable. The ring has 30 locks and many more bridges.

My navigation 0f the waterways forming the ring goes counter clockwise starting at Hanbury Junction at the north-eastern end of the Droitwich Barge canal as below (each linked page has a slideshow and map):

Droitwich Junction Canal 1.4 miles (coloured Grey)

Droitwich Barge Canal 5.8 miles (coloured Blue)

River Severn (part of) 4.5 miles (coloured Green)

Worcester and Birmingham Canal (part of)  9.4 miles (coloured Red)

A Google map of the ring is shown below. You can zoom in/out using the +/- controls and move the map using the arrows or click/hold/drag:

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