Wandering along the BCN yesterday near to where I live in central Birmingham, I spied a boat name that was familiar – Kwenda Kulala. Blow me I thought, the boat I encountered on the Droitwich Junction on Wednesday last  had navigated to my stomping ground!

No one was on board, so I came passed the boat again today and attracted the attention of those inside. The man who emerged was not the man (Anthony) I met on Wednesday. So, I hastily and apologetically explained my mistake. John, expressed surprise that someone had dared to copy his nb name, as the name is unusual being Swahili  – looking this up it means something like “go to sleep”. Can John email me with the actual meaning?

I asked if he wanted to appear in my Met on the Cut features and he agreed and press ganged (appropriate nautical term) his wife Wendy into joining him in a photo. John and Wendy moor nearby in Hockley Port and were here on a short visit to the great metropolis. Below are some photos taken today.