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How to navigate the site

Use Search for… at top right to look for people, boats, etc, just type in a key word.

Under The Social Stuff:

Click on on an item takes you into a series of posts starting with the latest eg The Blog, Met on the Cut.

Under The Scenic Stiff:

Click on Photos by Canal:and you are asked to “Select a canal from the list”.

There are up to three  levels – Canal, Line, and Section.
So, first choose your canal and click on it , eg BCN.

This gives a map with the extent of the canal marked.

Next click on a Line (if present) then choose a section of canal under the canal name eg brindley place.

This gives a map of the section highlighting major features, eg Bridges and Locks. In addition, some show  numbered photo markers eg BP01.

Click on  Slideshow***to open a separate window. You can display all the photos as a continuous Slideshow by clicking the play button in the controls at the bottom of the window. Or, you can view a specific photo by clicking on its thumbnail on the left of the window.

***If you haven’t got Adobe Flash Player installed you will be prompted to download it – it is very safe – no need to hesitate.

However, if you are using an Apple or Android device you will need to use the Photon app. Click here to see how.