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The consultation by DEFRA on moving inland waterways into the third sector, ie a new charity, in England and Wales started today 30 March and ends on 30 June 2011. To take part in this ….


There is an introductory summary on the DEFRA site which links to various documents.

The Consultation Document itself is a daunting read and some of the statements are very esoteric and hard to a absorb. For an alternative to reading it all (it took me several hours!) see ** below.

I have to say that DEFRA has not made it easy for you and I to respond to the consultation – no questionnaire form just a set of questions on page 67 of  the Consultation Document – no instruction as to whether you need to give your name and contact details for your response to be valid- etc.

So, to make it easier to respond I’ve constructed a Consultation Feedback Form . Clicking on this will open the form in WORD:

If you’re using OFFICE 2003 or earlier Right Cick on Waterways Charity Consultation Questionaire and select Download.

For later versions of OFFICE Right Click on Waterways Charity Consultation Questionaire nd select Download.

Then open in WORD – you may need to click on Enable Editing if this is displayed above the form. Then you can fill in the answers.

After filling it in either:

  • attach it to an email to


  • print and post it to:

NWC Consultation ResponsesInland Waterways Team, Department for Environment,

Food and Rural AffairsArea 3B, Nobel House

17 Smith Square, London, SW1P 3JR


** If you can’t spend this time or don’t wish to put in that sort of effort, I would recommend you read through the questions on page 67 and select what interests you, eg Question 10. You could then search the document for Question 10. Select the first (of two) results of the search and navigate to it – the related text will precede the question.


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