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Waterways Governance Structure Chart

This article is the second part of a series and is on the governance structure of the new charity. It is my précis of the information given in the DEFRA waterways consultation document: A New Era for the Waterways A consultation on the Government’s proposals for moving inland waterways into a new charity in England and […]

Statistics Art

The consultation document on moving the inland waterways of England and Wales into management by a Civil Society Charity replacing British Waterways Corporation is a daunting 84 pages in length and contains 29 questions for you to consider and reply to if you are a concientious citizen (my phrase). To make this easier to take […]

Canal Consultation Document Header 20110403

  The consultation by DEFRA on moving inland waterways into the third sector, ie a new charity, in England and Wales started today 30 March and ends on 30 June 2011. To take part in this ….

Renaming British Waterways

The image on the left combines all the words in the suggestions for renaming BW put forward by BW for people to vote on through the website. To find out more about this renaming visit Waterscape News.

Environment Agency Banner

At last, the Government has made up its mind and announced that the Environment Agency’s watereways will be transferred to the control of the new BW charity organisation.This means that, amongst others,  the Thames, Medway, Great Ouse, and Nene, and those in East Anglia  will be under the same control as the canals, the Trent […]

BW Third Sector

Find out what’s going on in BW’s plans to move to Third Sector charity status. There’s been a dearth of news on this extremely important restructuring in the magazines. Now on YouTube you can find out about how the new structure will work, how it will be funded, the problems it faces and the trialling […]