I visited the event on Saturday 2 October. Well! What a superb day of weather it turned about to be, apart from a dull period in the afternoon, which is when I took my photos! Typical of British weather, what!….

This really is a super event. It blends well with the canal especially when the locals, dressed in 1939-45 costumes , richly colured makeup and more, paraded around the the top lock.

The squad of soldiers, looking like Dad’s army, being drilled by the excellently portrayed Seargent Major, complete with voice reaching screaming pitch was terrific. The crowd including myself were greatly amused by this.

There were a number of vintage working boats and the ubiquitous Cheese and Fudge boats.

A vintage fun fare helped amuse the children and a naafi tent fed the throng, who could also have a trip on a narrow boat.

There was also a vintage car display and a separate field event of period displays.

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