View of University of Birmingham campusEveryone loves the free wheel down into Birmingham City Centre along the Worcester & Birmingham through leafy Edgbaston. The new aqueduct at Selly Oak is a super addition albeit built to allow allow a bypass beneath. Whatever, it must have cost £millions, and I’m sure we are all grateful.

Now for the bad news. I reported in April 2012 that Sainsbury’s plans for the nearby development of waste land adjacent to the canal included a link canal to Selly Park which created a start for the restoration of the Dudley No2 (alias Lapal) Canal.

A revised planning application up for decision on 2 May 2013 now excludes this and, what is more, severely obstructs future possibilities for its construction.

Wouldn’t it be great to bypass Birmingham, for a change, and take the Dudley No 2 canal up into the canals in the Black Country and beyond?

Surely we must object to this anti-canal move by Sainsbury’s which can only be motivated by profit!

I have created an article on website (the official site of the Birmingham City Centre Neighbourhood Forum – a voluntary Council sponsored organisation) describing the problem and providing an easy way to object (or agree) to the outline plan application.

2 May is the deadline to submit your views, so please read my article and decide for yourself whether to object, which I hope I have made easy.

Click here to view the article.