Gog's eye view of Bascote Lock 17

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There being no train station nearby I was  forced into the car and parked at Bridge 34. I walked up the 3 sets of locks talking to boaters and walkers along the way searching for interesting scenes to photograph. It was pretty quiet, traffic wise Рboats and towpath users. It sparked off the thought that the great British Public had had their fill of Bank Holidays in super weather and wanted to stay at home or at least remain local rather than explore the countryside as the boaters had committed to do.

I walked to Lock 22 before seeing a boat , about 30 minutes at my slowly, slowly photographer’s gate. Then I encountered nb Kerensa crewed by two gents from Essex (I think) – at last a chance to photograph the scenery and locks with a boat in the frame. I followed them back down to Lock 23 snapping away merrily with the occasional exchange in English.

I then drove to Bridge 32 and walked East to Fosse Top Lock 20.

I struck lucky and encountered FFMC Columbia No 151 lurking in the reads. This a working boat dating from 1907, I believe, now converted to gracious living and cruising by Kevin and Ingrid. I pestered Ingrid intermittently as she worked the locks and I followed them down to Lock 22 taking stills and videos on the way.



Whilst on this stretch I met Barry and Pat, two really super, friendly people, and their nb Tiger. They are from Ward End, Birmingham – not far from where I live and had once moored for a period in Sherborne Wharf just a stone’s throw from my apartment. We found that we were like thinkers and sipped coffee deciding where Government and Society had got things wrong and how better things used to be – grumpy old folks you could have said. They were doing some roof painting of the boat before setting off on 5 months cruising – lucky devils. Pat agreed to be photographed in front of their boat (see gallery below). Barry hid! How splendid and happy Pat looks and how very creatively and attractively¬†their boat is decorated!

I then drove to Bridge 30 and walked up to the Bascote locks – 17, 16 and staircase Locks 15 and 14, meeting nb Tixall descending.

Then, after 4 hours, it was back to the car and to Birmingham…..A great day!

Here are some photos of the trip (Click on image for larger view):

I’ve also produced a video of Columbia No 151 and nb Kerensa as below.

And lastly, if you want a laugh, try a fast trip along the route.