If you didn’t manage to get to Crick this year here are some photos.

I went on the Saturday (28 May) and to start with had to battle against the wind to even reach the show from the car park. The sky was overcast and rain threatened. But, unpredictable as usual, the British weather cheered up and we had a sunny afternoon. This meant I had to re-take my photos in the warmer light (apart from the boat trip).

The show followed the same format as last year with show boats both on dry land and also in the huge basin. And there were lots of stalls selling boating goods and all manner of other things including HiTech shoe insoles – yes!

I went on one of the free boat rides organised by the charity LNBP with mission statement “Bringing the experience of canal boating to young people”. Tony Ward of boathandlingtuition at Braunston supplied volunteer commentary. Going north for 1/2 mile or so is a very pretty stretch of the canal.

As can be imagined, the humour of the crowd warmed substantiallywith the warmth of the sun and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves as the British always do when the sun shines.

The show runs from 28-30 May.

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