The Roundhouse viewed from the BCN canal

The Roundhouse viewed from the BCN canal

One of Birmingham’s notable canal side buildings is the Roundhouse. It situated alongside the BCN Mainline Canal at the corner of St Vincent Street and Sheepcote Street or just before you reach the National Indoor Arena and National Sealife Centre when approaching from the Wolverhampton direction. (Incidentally, have you noticed that any venue of note nowadays has to have the word “National” in its name?)

It appears to be part of the Fiddle and Bone pub and yes both are owned by the CRT. However, the CRT have separated the two buildings as far as usage is concerned.

The Fiddle and Bone pub will reopen sometime in the near future I’m assured by Mike Dowse, Assistant MD of Sherborne Wharf Ltd, and his company will be redeveloping the pub in partnership with the CRT. (See my previous article on this.)

On the left the Roundhouse  and the Fiddle & Bone beyond

On the left the Roundhouse and the Fiddle & Bone beyond

Both the Roundhouse (the part alongside the canal, that is) and the F&B have been closed for 11 years, which is a great pity for  local residents, visiting boaters and other canal users alike!

The Roundhouse is an interesting building and has a distinctive horseshoe shape. It was built in the 1870s for the London & North Western Railway as a mineral and coal wharf on the canal.

The Canal and River Trust partnered by The National Trust has launched a public consultation on how to use the Roundhouse and you can have your say by visiting the CRT website (see below) where you can find some suggestions to fuel your thoughts.

On the final page of the consultation document there is a Questions to consider feature to help you arrive at and give your opinions in a structured way. I’ve copied this section below to show how easy it could be to take part.

Questions to consider
1. What do you think is important and special about the
2. What do you think about the big idea? What are the most
important aspects for you?
3. Is this something you or your organisation could be involved
4. What do you think about our initial ideas on audiences, uses
and activities?
5. Do you know of any opportunities that we could link to the

You give your views by sending an email.

To give your views:

Contact: Jo Dimitri, Project Manager
mobile: 07795 316900