Thema is a user finished boat I encountered walking beside the Whilton and Buckby locks.

Keith Rushton and his wife Pat are from Welford, Leicestershire and their boat Thema’s home mooring is Welford Marina.

Thema is not a Restored Boat, it is a owner enhanced one, but I haven’t a separate category for these and I can’t think of a generic term to act as a title for both.

To begin with, they bought an empty shell, from Clacutt Boatbuilders. The boat builder did the metal work putting in all the bulkheads and window holes that Keith had supplied plans for.

Keith then “battened it out” and had it foamed inside. He panelled it and did all the wood work himself.

He says it was a lot of hard work but gave him a lot of enjoyment  too. It took 9 months of weekend working.

This was some 19 years ago which I would never have guessed as I had put it down  as a new boat! The condition is exemplary.

The art work on the outside is of high quality and not overdone. All in all it’s a very fine boat and the couple should be duly proud of it – they obviously put in a deal of work on a regular basis to keep it in tip top condition – not always easy in the British climate.

Here are some photos of Thema (Click on image for larger view):

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