WP_20151104_14_38_37_ProToday, by the front of the Barclaycard Arena near Brindleyplace local volunteers were having a great time weeding.

There were 10 gents and 2  ladies from Direct Line, in Livery Street, Birmingham who had volunteered for this digging and planting. They were assisted by two volunteers from the Canal and River Trust.

I walked passed at around 2:30pm and the 10 gents were having a whale of a time generating much mirth which could be heard from some distance along the towpath.

As a nearby resident I was particularly gladdened as the plots they were working on had been left to go wild since the new arena was opened two years ago and were full of weeds, brambles and other wild bushes. But now we have a tidy, well cultivated area to please arena visitors (and fellow residents).

Very well done, I say!

Below is a small gallery of photos I took. Unfortunately I only had my smart phone with me and the light was poor so the quality is somewhat suspect.

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