What a splendid rural area this is!

Beautiful expanses of trees and fields where even farm houses are rarely seen from the canal. But, there are plenty of interesting features including 18 locks – all downhill, 17 bridges and two aqueducts. Small split bridges, some beautifully crumbling, are in abundance and the single gate width locks are usually light and simple to operate.

To crown it all, when cruising south, eventually and suddenly the canal surprisingly blossoms  into the Bancroft basin surrounded by parkland accommodating the Royal Shakespeare theatre – possibly the jewel area of  Stratford’s undoubted crown of a town.

And there’s more, continue through the basin and you are on the River Avon with 3 miles of navigation to the north and a splendid 50 miles cruise down to the River Severn at Tewkesbury, passing through a number of characterful large towns and picturesque villages.

From Lapworth Junction the canal  is a favourite diversion from the north-south major canals (Grand Union) even if you stop at Stratford and retrace your steps after enjoying the city.

Below are a few photos that characterise the area.

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Here is a SLIDESHOW of views along the canal.

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