Shutt Hill Lock 41 on 9 April 2017

This is a fairly easy route with no great vistas, nor built up areas even when passing through the eastern outskirts of Penkridge. The countryside is pleasant though unremarkable with no hills to add dimension and whereabouts. Just fields with plenty of bridges over the canal.

The M6 Motorway is not far away and it’s traffic jams are visible; however the noise is not apparent, so keeping your view along the canal gives a pleasing uninterrupted vista.

The gem of this stretch of canal is undoubtably the canal at Gailey with its Roundhouse shop and marina – I suggest you linger here a while!

The great thing about my trip here was the weather was great but also the boaters were so friendly! Occasionaly I meet some “shyness” and reticence to be photographed. I usually explain that, without people in the scenes they are unfocused and dormant. In history, as we know, these waterways were navigated very much more than they are now to provide transport for the nation’s goods and a living for the boaters. So, inclusion of people in my shots I make no apologies for – in fact I adore the photos of people acknowledging the camera (even if they have their backs to it). All these shots tell a story to me and to them when they see them in the near and distant future.


Following the map below  is a gallery of photos I took along this stretch.
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