Caldwall Lock 5 sitting alongside the  splendid sandstone ridgeKidderminster grew mainly as a carpet manufacturing town when Brintons Carpets began in 1785 and other carpet companies then followed it into the town, until by 1951 there were 30. Today Brintons is still operating as are others notably Victoria Carpets and both are world renowned.

The town has a thriving shopping centre with most large national retailers having a presence.

Running north to south through the centre of the urban area but tangentially to the west of the main shopping and hence visitor area, the canal appears to be incidental to the town as this important resource has not really been developed to its full potential for visitors. A non too successful canal festival was held in 2010 and 2011 but I haven’t heard or seen anything of such an event since.

The 4 mile stretch of the canal down to Stourport soon loses sight of the built up area and appears to be running through natural countryside though in fact suburban housing is never far away.

As a result, to the canal visitor, the route is pleasingly attractive with a number of interesting and historic features. Of particular note is the exposed sandstone ridge at Caldwell lock and the majestic rail viaduct at Falling Sands.

The approach to the basins in Stourport and thence to the River Severn  has been developed recently and is an attractive place to live if you are lucky enough to have one of the new canal side dwellings.

Stourport-on-Severn itself is to be covered  in an article of its own.

Here is a  Slideshow of  my photos taken along the canal.

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