Etruria in Stoke on Trent is where the Caldon branches off east from the Trent and Mersey canal.

It has seen much industry but now is maturing into a rural setting quite nicely. Here is the Etruria Industrial Museum housing  the last steam-powered potters’ mill in Britain; several times each year the boiler, dating from 1903, is fired up and drives the historic machinery for visitors to marvel at. Here are the times for the current year.

Leaving Etruria new apartments give a background to a statue of James Brindley who engineered the canal. Having passed under a splendid curved white footbridge the canal swings to the right and immediately encounters the two stage Bedford Staircase Locks. A little further on is Planet Lock where industry has given way to some modern buildings but just a little further on and we are back into industrial heritage scenery until Stoke is cleared.

Norton Green is 5 miles west of Etruria and Engine Bridge and Engine lock are in beautiful rural setting. I assume there was a water pumping engine here at some stage to reclaim water from use of the lock but can find no description of its history.

Stockton Brook village is the next notable place and the four locks there. They are set in a very tree-clad and peaceful setting. Of interest is the sculptures at Locks 6 and 7 which depict what was the local industries of the area. Granny Buttons website states “they were part of the results of a £5million 4-year initiative called  The North Staffordshire Canal Corridor Regeneration”. Granny Buttons  is well worth a visit to learn more.

There is a very pleasant-looking golf course off Bridge 26 where

visitors are welcome.

Below is a slideshow off photos I took along the canal and below a google map showing the vicinity of the photos.

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