Primarily the purpose of the site is to show what canals posess in terms of views of  locks, boats, surroundings and people enjoying themselves. These are presented in high quality slideshows.

I hope you’ll enjoy the site which should complement your own memorable photos, as probably they were taken from different angles and in different light.

About me. The picture below is of me though I am normally seen in a dark blue T-shirt and blue jeans(due to my hay day era, perhaps?).

I’m a retired IT Consultant and semi-professional photographer (when I get some work) having done work for Birmingham City Council amongst other commercial organisations. The site is a major hobby of mine and a challenge for me to use modern social media technology to link people of like interests; to this end I run several Birmingham blogs.

I’m sure I will have met some of you while walking and photographing the canals and I’d like to dedicate this site to those of you who have been so sociable and friendly when I approach for a chat and, especially, those who have actively allowed me to include their boat in the views.

I hope you enjoy the site.

Best Wishes


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