sainsburys-second-planning-appication-overviewOn Thursday 17 October the Birmingham Council Planning Committee unanimously granted planning permission for Sainsbury’s proposed redevelopment of the:

Former Birmingham Battery Site, Land between Bristol Road, Harborne Lane and Aston Webb Boulevard, Selly Oak
Planning Application 2013/02178/PA

A report on revisions and explanations of Sainsbury’s planning application had been distributed to the Committee before the meeting. This is currently unavailable from the Council website, but hopefully will be soon.

Of interest to canal enthusiasts is an enhanced plan for restoring the start of the Lapal Canal – details of this Re unknown until I can download the above report. But, from what I can gather the site now allows for easy building of the canal and some funds to help with it. The Canal & River Trust have now said that they will initiate a project to rewater the Lapal Canal in Selly Oak aided by funds in the Sainsbury’s proposal.

The planning meeting was crowded and a queue developed in the corridor outside in the hope of obtaining entry when applications prior to this one on the agenda had been completed.

Many Councillors on the Committee spoke about the application and whilst a few did not like the look and nature of the plans all were in favour of going forward with current proposals. Some expressed the need to ensure that what had been outlined actually happened on the ground and in an acceptable timescale especially the Lapal Canal.

The Council must be relieved that this derelict and contaminated land in the shadow of the iconic Queen Elizabeth Hospital will be reclaimed after 40 years!

The scheme has also now been welcomed by the:

the Canal & River Trust
the Community Partnership for Selly Oak
the Lapal Canal Trust

who had previously raised strong objections.

When more details emerge, I will report on them.