This was the FIRST one of these to be held, and spanned 19-21 August, and I was hoping for a great day out, but…….

I went there on Saturday 21st which turned out to be a dismal day, more showers than sun. This may account for the poor turnout of visitors to the canalside but not, I suspect, for the dearth of boats …..only 4! One was the ubiquitous Welsh Cheese boat, another a trip boat (chargeable), the vintage British Waterways working boat Scorpio and one visiting boat which didn’t stay long.

To make up a little for the lack of canal based festival, there was an excellent street market which contained several genuine French stalls selling saucissons, cheeses and confectionery.

I didn’t take a photo because a) it would have been too depressing for readers and b) I didn’t want to get my camera wet!

Now I’m greatly in favour of as many canal festivals as possible and will always support them when I can. But, to repay this support, organisers need to put on a decent show with boats to look at, boaters to talk to and anything else canal related that can be mustered eg local canal trust representatives – were these approached?. I am surprised that there wasn’t a visiting contingent from Stourport marinas just a few miles away – where they invited?

I really do hope that Wyre Forest District Council will learn from this and hold a more substantial event next year which is more canal related and not a sideline curiosity to the street market.

This is how the event was billed.