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I’ve now found some information on this event. I still cannot find any on the Internet (I have offered to help!?). So, to help visitors to this site I’ve had to photograph the relevant pages in the Trusts magazine which I have only just received. You can see these on the left. (Click image for […]

If you didn’t manage to get to Crick this year here are some photos…..

Droitwich Junction Canal new locks

Does anyone have the details of this? If so please contact me by leaving a comment below. A link to a web site would be most useful. I can’t find anything except that it is being organised by the Droitwich Canals Partnership who don’t appear to have a web site.

Julia Bradbury

You can watch Julia Bradbury’s Canal Walks using the BBC iplayer……

Events in 2014: Chosen because they are public events:

Droitwich Junction Canal new locks

The Droitwich Junction Canal will be opened on  1 July 2011. Therefore, water supply to the Droitwich Barge Canal will be enhanced to enable it to operate fully. This will complete the Mid Worcester Ring for navigation. Pictured is the Droitwich Junction Canal – superb new locks like this blend well with rural scenery.  

Selly Oak Canal and Rail Structures art impression

Officially opened on 15 February by Birmingham Councillors, the new aqueduct at Selly Oak looks good and is in an impressive setting which is soon to be rid of construction. The aqueduct runs alongside (as it has done for many decades) the main rail track for Worcester and beyond. The latter also has a matching […]

Elblag Canal Inclined Plane 0

The Elblag Canal in Poland has a different sort of inclined plane for lifting a boat to a higher level of a canal.  This works by manoeuvring a boat onto a submerged platform which has wheels and runs on a track. Once anchored on the platform the whole thing is hauled up and inclined plane into the […]

Pier Head Gardens, Liverpool - artists impresion

I made two trips to Liverpool in late February early March 2011, to investigate the Liverpool Link Canal which opened with great pomp and ceremony by those local people interested in their wonderful waterways asset. The lead in from the end of the Leeds Liverpool canal is, after a good start, currently a no man’s […]


So the show was cancelled on 14 February, just 2 weeks before its opening. This is a real shame as the venue, ignoring access and mooring for narrow boats, is terrific! Marine Industry Events (MIE), the organiser of the 2011 Liverpool Boat Show,  announced the cancellation of this inaugural event on that day. Basically the […]