I report back on watching the second canal feature on the One Show on Tuesday 23 August:

First of all it was said that this was canal week so I assume there will be a feature for the next 3 nights.

I must say I was very disappointed about tonight’s content. It was partly silly with presenters playing about in plastic rollers on a canal. Other coverage was about how Josiah Wedgwood (of crockery fame) had the Trent and Mersey built to get his raw materials from the Liverpool Ports, then deliver his products safely and in large numbers on barges to the sea ports for distribution to the rest of the UK and beyond. There was precious little about the canal, neither narration nor pictures.

Nothing like as good as last night.

So, view the next episodes if you will but be prepared for disappointment.

I said this last night Monday 22 August:

Turn on yur TV tomorrow for Canal Stories on BBC1’s the One show.

Today it covered the Bridgewater – brief but interesting and certainly inspiring a visit (for me at least as I haven’t been there yet).

Tomorrow’s coverage wasn’t disclosed.

Tune in at 7pm, it may go on during the week – again not disclosed.